Time immemorial, names have always had a strong bearing on the character and persona of the bearer. Our name is a coining of our vision and goals for the African energy space. The status quo of energy access and poverty in Sub Saharan Africa resembles a page bearing a gloomy story. This page can be flipped and a greener sustainable ever after can be written on this clean slate, we are part of the hand that is “flipping” this page through our renewable energy solutions, hence the name “Fuel Flip Technologies”.

Who are we?

We are a renewable energy company that focuses on the development of biomass utilisation technologies, especially waste-to-energy systems. Currently, we are making charcoal briquettes (Xero™ charcoal) from sawdust in Mutare and we’re also piloting a biogas irrigation pump (Xero™ Pump) in Burma Valley. Xero™ Charcoal is used by people without access to electricity, for cooking, by poultry and pig farmers for space heating and for BBQs. Since Xero™ charcoal is made from waste produced by the timber industry in Mutare, the use of our product promotes forest conservation and our product is more affordable, especially to low-income earners when compared to other competing products on the market. Xero™ Charcoal is also a carbon neutral source of energy. As for the Xero™ pump, it was designed with the rural smallholder farmer in mind and in consultation with them. The pump consists of a modular prefabricated biogas digester and a drive unit for water pumping. This product gives rural smallholder famers the ability to grow crops all year round without the high upfront and operational costs associated with current products on the market. Our business model is simple, we generate revenue by selling our products through B2C or B2B channels.


Tichaona Matte (CEO)

Social entrepreneur focused on making clean, renewable, sustainable and affordable energy accessible to everyone.

Tendai David Chipatiso (COO)

A versatile business development specialist with a self-developed deep interest in business analysis, data analytics, analytics tools, business intelligence , big data and cloud based business technologies. I have expirience in the renewable energy sector, government sector, agricultural sector and social entrepreneurship sector.